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Comments for Birthday Madness

Birthday Madness : 3/22/04

Saturday was my husband's 30th birthday.

We started celebrating on Friday with his office mates and their significant others from Berkeley. It was fun but exhausting because we had to keep our son entertained an extra hour while we waited for most of the party fo show up at the Chevy's. They had gotten lost and were coming on foot after having gotten off BART. No big deal. My complaint is with the restaurant that basically ignored us while we waited. No water refills, no new chips or salsa. Nada. Zilch! Sometimes that restaurant is great and sometimes (like Friday), it's terrible.

Saturday we drove down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to spend the day with Ian's folks who were visiting for the day. We had a wonderful day at the aquarium and Sean really enjoyed seeing the fish and the sea otters. I think the sea otters reminded him of swimming cats.

After the aquarium we drove to Salinas to meet up with my parents. So it was a caravan of two cars. We were all going by a Yahoo Map that had for some stupid reason had decided to obliterate the destination address because we had chosen the "printer friendly" view. Thank goodness for cell phones! I ended up being the operator between my parents who were already arrived and my in-laws who were trailing behind us.

By the time we got home at 9:00 PM, Sean was asleep. Normally he wakes up when we carry him up to the apartment from the car, but not that night. We could hear him snoring on Ian's shoulder! All we could do was take off his shoes and tuck him into bed with his clothes on. He slept the whole night through dressed in his day clothes and jacket!

Sunday we had a final goodbye breakfast with Ian's folks and then went home to recooperate. I think we all napped that afternoon!

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