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Comments for The Beauty of Randomness

The Beauty of Randomness: 3/31/04

While going through my logs again, I found that a random link generator at altavista had referred a bunch of vistors to my art gallery. So I plugged in the link myself and was taken to a bunch of interesting and odd ball graphics pages. You should try it out: Altavista's Web Collage.

Tableless CSS: Same day

When looking for my current job, many employers wanted "tableless CSS" so I figured it was the current coding/design technique that I'd need to add to my bag of tricks. Sure, I knew rudimentary CSS and have been using it for years but I hadn't heard of tableless CSS. I know what it means now and I'm slowly working towards a fuller understanding of it.

Now that I have a job and it fortunately allows me time to improve my skills, I've been learning as much as I can about CSS. A lot of that new knowledge is reflected in this site. Now out of curiousity to see how far behind I was with CSS, I've been looking at the source code of my peers (just other web designers with websites) and I'm shocked at how few are using any CSS! It's maybe 2% of my sample size but as I look at more sites, I'm sure it will drop below even 2%.

Post Script: Still the Same Day

My silly accomplishment for the day is finally setting up my web site to serve a custom 404 page. Go on, type in any random page name and you'll see it.

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