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Comments for I Don't Want to Go Fishing in my Toilet

<"toiletfish">I Don't Want to Go Fishing in my Toilet:


Don't get me wrong; I love my son but last night he managed to push all my buttons. He got into things he's never done before. Of course at age 19 months, he hasn't had the time or know how for very long to get into things. I guess he's making up for lost time.

First it was trying to rewire the electronics on the exercise bike. That meant standing up on a chair on his tippy toes.

Then it was the usual near bedtime toddler grumpiness. Grump. Grump. Whine. Slap. "No!" Etc.

He finished off the night by filling up one of our two toilets with every interesting thing he could find: 1 towel, 1 sock, 1 book mark, 12 safety disposable razors, a paper towel, a wine bottle cork and some random change.

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