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Comments for Playing with Words

Have You Seen My Cat: 5/4/04

One of my son's favorite books is Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle. Last night we had one of our marathon reading sessions of the book. It's quite a simple text with lots of repetition. Having grown bored with reading the same text over and over, I did an on the fly translation into Spanish. After lots of "¿Lo visto mi gato?" and "Este no es mi gato," my son started pointing angrily at the words insisting I read them in English. At least he's figured out that the words might actually mean something. Maybe he'll be an early reader.

Writing by Wrought:

After another dry spell I'm finally about a page away from finishing another short story. The problem with being employed again is that I don't have the same amount of time to write during the day as I did during my brief unemployment. Then when I was all jazzed up to finish the story I didn't have the current version with me which also set me back a couple of days. I also have some previous stories that need rewriting and editing before I send them off to potential publishers.

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