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Comments Adventures in East Bay

Adventures in East Bay:

6/27/04We had another full and fun day with my mother. In the morning we visited the Surphur Creek Nature Center, a wild animal hospital, nature center and trail head just down the hill from our new home. Sean likes the magpie best. There are also rats (with adorable babies), coyotes, a fox, guinea pigs, various song birds, various chickens, a turkey and other birds.

Sean also had fun trying to jump off a ledge. He still hasn't figured out how to tuck his feet under himself so that they actually leave the ground at the same time. It's really cute watching him attempt to hop.

Later we picnicked out front of the Chabot Science Center but by the time we got there and were done wiht lunch Sean was very hot and cranky so we decided not to drag him through the center. Turns out he was dehydrated. Later before going for the final walk through we stopped to get him an apple juice which he guzzled. Then he was back to his normal self.

As our realtor was nice enough to show Mom the house, we were able to drop off the toy box and chairs for Sean's room. I think she liked the inside of the place. The big screen TV is finally gone, so the sale is looking all the more final!

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