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Comments for Goodbye Don Tatro

Goodbye Don Tatro 6/19/04

I read today at the 3D Commune that my long time Bryce mentor and friend, Don Tatro died of a massive heart attack. I never met him in person but he was one of the first people to take me under his wing to teach me the joys of Bryce. We met via alt.binaries.3d.bryce and later kept in touch via the 3D Commune.

He's probably best known for his Creepy the Clown gallery that featured not only his pieces but pieces done by other Creepy lovers and haters alike.

He also maintained a personal website at

Among the things that Don taught me, was the importance of the little accomplishments. Rather than becoming overwhelmed with a giant project, one should take the time to enjoy the creation of a single object. One shouldn't feel ashamed to reuse an object -- over and over again! In fact if you look at his pieces, you'll see a steady progression of themes through his repetition of objects.

His last series or theme was that of the bridge. A couple months back he started a series of renders all of which featured a rickedy looking rope bridge. Some have wondered if secretely he knew that he'd be crossing over soon.

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