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Comments Water, Fire, Water, Fire

Water: 7/23/04

The washer that came with the house gave up the ghost yesterday. Our neighbors warned us that it was loud and tempermental. The first time Ian tried washing a load (a week ago), it worked beautiful. Yesterday it didn't. I spit all its water all over the floor.

Fire (at least a lack of heat):

In the process of furiously mopping up the mess, Ian managed to unplug the hose to the dryer. He called me after he had fixed the dryer and laughed at me for the first couple of minutes. Then he went to Sears and bought a new washer. The dryer we'll be watching for any unusual behavior.


Sean last night decided the new bathtub was okay, even if it has scary doors. He took his usual bath, though didn't do his usual happy dance in the tub. He hasn't decided if the new tub is safe enough for dancing.

Fire (sunset):

Every night so far when Sean and I have gotten home, we've gone out to the deck to watch the sunset. Sean plays with his wind chime and I read a book. It's the perfect place for reading! Tonight Ian will be joining us as we'll finally be having our first BBQ!

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