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Another Month: 9/30/04

Another month draws to a close. We'll be plunging into the start of the holiday season tomorrow. Halloween decorations will probably go up over the weekend. I've never decorated any of our previous homes but maybe I will get a little something this year. Who knows. A month from now it'll be the day before Halloween. Two months from now Thanksgiving will have come and gone. Three months from now Christmas will be over and we'll only have New Year's Eve and New Year's Day left in this festive season.

Writing Again:

I wrote a page of a short story last night on my new computer. I should get my airport card on Monday, then I'll be able to talk to the rest of the world and of course my other computer. I haven't tried using it with Sean still up. I know he'd be all over it like a fly to honey having seen his fascination with Ian's ibook. I can't blame him for his curiosity but it does hinder my creative process if I have him (and sometimes the cat at the same time) climbing all over me.

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