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Comments for Buckle Up

Buckle Up: 9/8/04

Do yourself and your children a favor. Buckle up. Put children in car seats.

Children under one year old and twenty pounds must have their car seats installed facing backwards (rear facing). Child car seats should be in the back of the car, especially if your car has air bags.

Children older than one year old and more than 20 pounds should be in a forward facing car seat, also in the back seat of the car. Make sure to raise the should straps to the top hole as the lower holes are reinforced to take a forward facing collision.

Children who weigh more than 40 pounds and are between the ages of 4 and 8 (unless the child is taller than 4'9") should be in booster seats. This will help the regular adult seat belt cover their chest and hips as it should in case of an accident.

Children under 12 years old should ride in the back seat, especially in cars with airbags.

But don't forget the adults! They should buckle up too. Remember that the seat belt should fit snuggly around your hips, not your belly (especially if you're pregnant).

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