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Comments for Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup: 9/22/04

Last night we were watching the "Bully for You" episode from season two of C.S.I which has the on-going "human soup" gag (pun intended). Ian and I both started to wonder if we were smelling things or if it was just a shared olfactory hallucination. Eventually we got up and smelled the kitchen trash. It reeked from last night's game hen. So for the rest of the episode we joked about having to take out the "chicken soup."

I Feel Naked:

I realized at work today that I forgot to put on my pedometer today. It's the first time in three weeks that I've been without it. Since I have a good feel of my average amount of steps per day I'll just estimate it at an even five thousand. Tomorrow I will wear the pedometer again.

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