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First Rain: 9/19/04

On Friday when Sean and I got home all of Hayward was clouded over and the air was cold and damp. I told Ian that it felt like it would rain this weekend. Ian said he had heard it would cool down but there was only a 20% chance of rain on Sunday.

This morning as I folded laundry downstairs I noticed that individual leaves on the plum tree were dancing up and down, as if they were being hit. If it were windy, the entire branch would rock, not just individual leaves. The sky was also the darkest I've seen it at the new place. Although I couldn't hear the rain (our place is very well insulated against sound unlike the apartment in Pacifica) I knew it had to be raining.

Curious, I ran up to the front door and opened it. Sure enough, it was pouring. The cat came downstairs to watch and put her ears back in disgust. It rained for a couple of hours but was done by the time we were done with breakfast.

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