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Comments for It's Friday Again

It's Friday Again: 9/24/04

I'm at work, stuck at my desk waiting for all the pieces for the big update of the week to come. I'd like to sneak out for a quick walk but there have been too many emails coming today to do that without causing my client to call me.

Farm Animals:

This month Sean has been learning about the farm at day care. Now when we read Hide & Seek Farm by David Crossley Sean knows all the animals and what they say. He's taken to called the goat a "billy goat" and when he sees the chicken he does a little chicken dance.

Ne laissez pas l'interne envoyer le message: Yesterday I received two email messages from e-on software announcing the release of Vue 5. I'm still not sure why I received two (as I received two today as well). Both versions were in French. It didn't bother me because I can read French well enough to understand the email, I couldn't remember if I had ever opted in for a specific language, and I know that e-on is a French company. It makes sense to receive French email from a French company, n'est-ce pas?

Today I received two more messages, both this time in English. While the bulk of the message was the translated version of yesterday's email, at the top was a contrite apology for yesterday's email:

Ahem... We're very sorry for the *slight* confusion in sending messages yesterday. That's what happens when you let an intern try to actually do something useful ;-) Aside from the pathetic "Test" messages, the best part, of course, is that the French version of the Vue 5 announcement was sent to the English-speaking people, and the English version was sent to the French... Please accept our sincere apologies for the confusion and any inconvenience. We've locked the intern away just to be sure it won't happen
again! ;-)

I don't care if it happens again. It was certainly more fun to read it in French than in English.

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