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Comments for His and Her Hooting

His and Her Hooting: 9/12/04

After breakfast I took Sean to the Sulphur Creek Nature Center. We spent most of our time by the birdcages, especially by the Great Horned Owl cage. There are two owls there, one who likes to sit on a tree in the back where he can avoid the pestering visitors, and one who is quite social and likes to sit on a rock up front and hoot at visitors.

Sean was thrilled to see the owls and to have a conversation with one. The conversation went something like this:

Sean: "Who-Who!"

Owl: "Heeech-Heeech"

Repeat the dialogue a hundred times or so.

During one of our sojourns at the owl cage, another mother and her toddler came by, this time a little girl just about Sean's age. We could hear them coming because the girl was just as excited about the owls as Sean is. So for a good five or ten minutes the owl had two visitors hooting at him.

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