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Just for kicks last night we watched Johnny Mnemonic. It was one of those so bad that it's good again films. The film kept jumping genres and stealing scenes from other films that we found ourselves distracted from the story. Then there's the whole Priscilla Queen of the Desert requirement to work as a body guard in Newark thing. What's up with that? It was like watching a cyberpunk sexploitation film.

The film is based on a short story in William Gibson's Burning Chrome. I have to admit that I'm intrigued enough by the train wreck that is Johnny Mnemonic to read the book.

One More Box:

A couple nights ago I had a nightmare that we were still moving in to our new place and had left some of our stuff in the old apartment (except that it looked like my parents' home and the stuff was actually their stuff). Somehow although we weren't paying rent any more, we still had access to the place and we were trying to move our stuff before the place was rented.

The dream reminded me that we had to pay next month's rent on the storage place. Last time we were there it was one of those heat wave days and Ian had felt it was too hot to leave Sean sleeping in the car (even with me there and the air conditioning on) so we had paid our bill and come home. This time, though, we did bring home a bag, a box and some more of the table mats.

A Library of Owls

On the way home from collecting our box, we stopped at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center. Sean looked at the owls and the chicken. He got a chance to pet a gopher snake and a tortoise. We also took him inside the museum where he saw some other snakes but the best part was the reading area. It had two (possibly more) books about owls. Sean was thrilled and we had to stop to read two of the owl books.

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