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Piano Man: 9/27/04

Sean has a little four note xylophone shaped like a piano. He keeps it in my car as one of his commuting toys. This morning the piano was on the floor where he couldn't reach it. Sean amazed me with his growing vocabulary by very clearly asking for it: "Mama, I want the piano on the ground, please." I didn't know he knew the the word piano or ground. It sure made knowing what he wanted!

Piso Agujereado

I walked over to Walgreen's on my break. I needed some packing tape for my BookCrossing packages. I also went just to see how crazy the construction is. All the sidewalks are still closed even though the cement has been poured. How many days does it take for sidewalk cement to cure? It's nearly impossible for a pedestrian to get into the drug store.

Today was the first time I've seen the construction move inside the store. Near the front of the store just behind the registers, I saw men in hard hats in five foot deep square holes dug right out of the floor. Carefully placed around the holes were those "wet floor / piso mojado" yellow signs. How I wish I had taken my digital camera along!

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