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Comments for Service with a Smile, Citizen

Service with a Smile, Citizen: 9/15/04

I was just at the water cooler and as I was looking out the window at my car I realized that my front right hubcap looked brand new. It had been mangled right around the time we moved to the new house. A truck pulling a trailer nearly ran me off the road and I ended up scrapping my wheel against the freeway wall to avoid being pancaked my this monster vehicle.

Anyway, on Saturday I completely forgot to ask if they'd replace the hubcap when I took my car in for its tune-up. When looking at the hubcaps from the kitchen I thought maybe the hubcap got rotated when they rotated the tires. So I went down to the alley to check. Nope. The old thrashed one is gone. Best part is, they didn't charge me extra for it! I didn't think that sort of behind the scenes service was still being given.

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