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Comments for Back Seat Driver

Back Seat Driver: 10/1/04

Last night while driving home I made a quick lane change to avoid being pushed onto a freeway I didn't want to be on. It was one of those lane changes that has to be made in bumper to bumper traffic. My son didn't like the maneuver at all. He shouted from the back, "No mama! Don't do that. Scary!" I normally avoid the middle and slow lanes on the bridge to avoid being shuttled onto either the north or south bound 880 but yesterday we had taken a different route the bridge and traffic had been too thick all the way across to get out of the middle lane. Tonight I will take our usual route home to avoid those lane changes.

For Whom the Bell Doesn't Toll:

The Hillbarn theater in Foster City is missing a 300 pound bell according to the Daily Journal. Police are keeping watch on eBay to see if it comes up for bid but are hoping that it was taken as part of a local prank. I did a quick search of eBay for fun. There are three bells of similar make but two of them have different inscriptions in the picture to rule them out. The Hillbarn theater bell belonged at one time to the Grace Chapel that was razed to make room for highway 92.

The bell's inscription reads:

Grace Chapel
San Mateo Homestead
Donated by A. Borel
Dec. 1908

Any info about the bell should be phoned into: 650-349-6411

Where You Going to Go When the Volcano Blows?

Mount St. Helens erupted again after 18 years of relative quiet. It had been acting recently so geologists weren't surprised when it erupted today. From the initial reports they were also better prepared for the event than the they were for the huge event in 1980. The volcano last erupted in 1986 but I think most everyone remembers the 1980 event.

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