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Comments for The Boy Who Would Not Nap

The Boy Who Would Not Nap: 10/24/04

While I am thrilled that Sean is developing an affinity for the weekend sleep-in, today he did not want to nap and that made him a little grumpy in the evening. We did convince him to go to bed about twenty minutes early but he probably could have done with going to bed an hour or two early.

After making biscuits and coffee for Ian's parents and seeing them off for their drive home, we went back to our usual Sunday routine. Ian went to school to do homework. Sean and I went to Sulphur Creek. There doesn't seem to be any escaping that bit of the routine right now. Today we got to see the snakes even though there was another birthday party.

After lunch I put Sean down for his nap but he spent the first hour "reading" a book to himself. Then he slept an hour and was up by 3:30. Lately he's been napping until five or six on the weekends and I really expected him to do so today. He was acting tired enough to warrant a long nap.

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