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Comments for Drowned Rat

Drowned Rat: 10/19/04

Even with leaving early I got to work nearly 40 minutes late. It took me two hours to go 20 miles in the rain. Sean and I saw five accidents, at least one downed tree and some flooding. I'm dreading the drive home. I can see Sean and me getting home at 7:30 or worse, 8:00. Ugh.

Javelin Throwing:

I dreamt last night that I was in Rome for a post Olympics javelin throwing contest. Apparently the javelin throw hadn't been done in Athens and they were doing it now in an old castle (complete with sleeping dragon). The javelin throw was being done in a boiler room rather than out of doors.

On my way to the boiler room I either found or was given a book published in 1920. It was called Two Sisters: From Etna to Egypt. I knew I would have to register it with BookCrossing as soon as I got a chance. I don't think it had been previously registered.

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