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Comments for Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo: 10/26/04

There are two Nemos in Sean's life. There is first and foremost Gizmo the dog but Sean can't pronounce his name right for the moment and so Gizmo in Sean-speak comes out as Nemo-doggy. Anyway, Gizmo is the preschool's dog and is quite popular with the children.

Last night on the way home Sean fell asleep in the car. He was tired from being woken up early for school, playing hard and the fact that the sky was dark and rainy. When we got home and I had to wake him up, his first words were: "Where's Nemo. I saw Nemo-doggy. Where did he go?" Clearly he was dreaming about the dog on the way home.

The second Nemo in Sean's life is the Finding Nemo Splashy Songs Book. He loves to play the five songs over and over again but his two favorites are the ones that Nemo and Dore play.

We actually own a copy of the DVD but previous attempts at showing it to Sean haven't gone over well. Maybe he'll more interested in watching now that he's so attached to this book. The film is one of Pixar's best although I usually have to skip through the opening. It's just too sad for me.

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