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Comments for I've Begun Thinking About the Holiday

I've Begun Thinking About the Holidays: 10/15/04

This year I'm thinking about doing mostly hand made gifts. The internet provides many options for turning artwork into cool stuff: shirts, mouse pads, calendars and the like. Since I know potential giftees are reading, I'm not going to say any more on the subject.

Redwood City:
Since my birthday I've been taking walks around the neighborhood where I work. I work right on the border where the industrial, commercial and residentially zones collide. Today on my walk into the residential area of southern San Carlos, I couldn't help but notice the redwoods that are still standing from back when Redwood City was a logging camp. I knew of a small group of them just two blocks from where I work but today as I scanned the horizon I noticed a dozen or so more groupings of these magnificent trees.

If I squinted and did a little creative mental editing, I could just see what these foot hills must have looked like a hundred or more years ago. Present day Felton in the Santa Cruz mountains is probably a good estimate of what the would have looked like if there were more remaining redwoods. The only difference is that the ground would be flatter with a gentle upwards slope heading west until Alameda de las Pulgas where things would start to get steep.

Five Way Stop:

On my walk today I explored a funny street that looks more like a driveway than a street. It's El Sereno Drive at the corner of Elm and St Francis. It goes back into the center of the block, revealing a number of homes. In the center of the loop there's a communal park with lights, a bench, some grass and flowers. It's not as well tended as a city park but it's more welcoming. These houses face each other and are completely cut off from the rest of the neighborhood. El Sereno would make the perfect location for a Twilight Zone type story where someone goes down an oddly out step street only to find himself whisked back in time fifty years.

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