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Comments for Minty Nail Polish?

Minty Nail Polish? 10/13/04

I did my weekly walk to Walgreen's today only to find new chaos. All the sidewalks are still blocked and now most of the driveway is torn up, save for a wee corner where they except all pedestrians and cars to park and funnel customers into the store. All I wanted was three things: toothpaste, cough drops, and trash bags. While the first two were easy to find, the trash bags were not in a logical spot. Aren't they normally kept with the other household items (cleaning supplies and such)? Not here. Here they are kept in a combination row of picnic supplies, Christmas wrapping, Halloween decorations and feminine hygiene. Huh?

I'm not the only patron stymied by the remodel. Every customer I saw had the same vacant look on his or her face. We were all trying our best to find the one or two things we had come to get on our lunch hour and ended up having to go up and down every aisle at least once!

As I was checking out I overheard a patron asking for the location of the breath mints. The checker pointed him in the direction of the nail polish!

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