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Comments for Night Terrors Redux

Night Terrors Redux: 10/7/04

It's been more than a year since Sean had his last round of night terrors. Last night he caught us completely off guard with two night terrors. I think the first one started as a nightmare because he was briefly awake but after some cuddling upstairs he fell asleep in Ian's arms and started crying again.

We put him back to bed and he was fine for about another hour when he started crying again. This time he was sitting up in his bed but from the tone of his cries he sounded asleep. I remember my mother telling me how I would scare her by sleeping with my eyes open. I've actually scared Ian by sleeping with my eyes open, so it's not something I've exactly grown out of as an adult.

Anyway, for this second round of crying he did need a diaper change but I swear he slept through the diaper change. After changing him and tucking him in he stopped crying about five minutes later. I think we didn't calm down for another forty minutes. We're out of practice.

I Just Want a Sanding Block:

Kitty-corner from where I work there's a small hardware store. As I've started to get the upstairs bathroom ready for painting because Ian's busy with school I went in there to get a sanding block. Last weekend I spackled the holes from putting in the new medicine cabinet and I need to sand the walls down before I paint. Anyway, it should have been as simple as walking in, finding the block and purchasing it, but no, the store's owner decided I wanted to hear about his recent accident.

As he's ringing me up he starts mid story as if we've been having this conversation before and we want to continue it. Keep in mind I've never been in the store before. He goes on to tell me about how he's been on the phone with his auto insurance because of the accident he had on the 30th.

He's annoyed because the auto insurance person keeps asking him if he needs a rental even though he says the car is "drivable" with only "moderate" damage. He's also annoyed because the inspector wants to inspect the car at the auto body shop (on the same corner as our building — so not that far away).

I think that both assumptions that the insurance company made are reasonable. If my car was in an accident I would want a rental to drive while I got my car fixed! But I didn't say anything. I just nodded politely and waited the ten minutes it took for him to tell me this story.

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