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Comments for Owls are not Fish

Owls are not Fish: 10/20/04

I think most everyone will agree that owls are not fish but my son is under the impression that I think they are! This misunderstanding began when a friend of mine in Wales sent him pictures of owls via my email. I printed them out and Sean was thrilled.

The problem is that my son at age 2 doesn't really have any sense of geography. I suppose I should start teaching him how to read maps. So I've been telling him that those owls live in a country called Wales.

He always replies: "No mama. Not whales. Not fish. Owls!"

Blue Skies this Afternoon:

Last night it started to rain when we went to bed. It was still raining a little when we got up. I got Sean up and dressed early as I had yesterday. We dashed to the car and managed to get him to day care on time and me to work on time as well. I was actually the first person to arrive. Had we left at our usual time, I would have been late to work because traffic was still thick, though not nearly as bad as yesterday.

Now the rain seems to have stopped and the sky is filled with beautiful puffy white clouds. There's still a nip to the air and I think we're expecting more rain later in the week.

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