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Special Assessment: 10/9/04

Ian went to the meeting HOA meeting today and it wasn't exactly good news. The siding project is going to cost a hell of a lot more than the HOA thought it would. We will have to vote for a special assessment in November. If it passes we will have to pay double what we are currently paying. While Ian and I can just afford it there are a lot of other new home buyers who have 100% financing, nothing in savings and are barely making ends meet as is. I feel sorry for them.


While Ian as at the meeting (which lasted two hours), Sean and I did my usual Saturday run to the post office. He found the experience very boring but managed to behave himself well enough. He amused rather than annoyed the other patrons.

Afterwards when it was clear that Ian wasn't back from the meeting Sean and I headed to the Sulphur Creek Nature Center. The younger of the two owls clearly recognizes Sean now and started calling to him ("Heech Heech!") as we approached. He even flew to the nearest tree to the bench to get a better view of Sean.

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