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Comments for Today is Today

Today is Today: 10/14/04

Sean is learning the art of conversation. Now most nights he likes to ask me about my day and tell me about his. Yesterday mid conversation he took on a serious tone of voice. "Mama," he said, "today is" and he paused as if taking in the greater meaning of his revelation before continuing with, "today."

He also knows that there are a couple of dogs that come to work (Molly and sometimes Charlotte). Sean always has to ask about them. "Did you see the doggies, Mama? Did you play with the doggies?" But ultimately it comes back to owls. "I played with owls. Did you see any owls today, Mama?"

MojoWorld 3.0

Pandromeda has announced the upcoming release of MojoWorld 3.0 and I'm both thrilled and sad. I'd love to upgrade to it but I'm not sure I can justify it in our already tight budget. It has some wonderful looking new features including better material control and vegetation. They've broken the program into standard and pro versions. I'd want the pro version even though I'm still learning how to use the Pro UI features.

Speaking of planetary exploration, there's a web site that has links to various satellites. You can pick one to see an image of the earth from orbit. Or you can put in the coordinates directly.

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