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Comments for You Are Not My Sunshine

You Are Not My Sunshine: 10/2/04

Ian and I took Sean to the Chabot Science Center today. The person who checked us in signed us up for two different Imax shows, one called Sunshine that was for the "under 5 crowd" and one called "Sky Dragons" about Chinese astronomy. I politely suggested that we probably wouldn't be able to see either of them because Sean really isn't into watching TV or movies but he gave us the tickets anyway. As we're members, the shows don't cost anything extra, it's just something put on our tickets so we can get into see the shows.

We took Sean to see the Sunshine one and it consisted on a creepy animated sun talking to the audience trying to get audience participation. Sean took one look at him, jumped into my lap and screamed, "No, don't do that!" Thankfully the Sunshine was rather quick. The Sky Dragons one was set to start right after Sunshine but we chose to let Sean see the exhibits (which is why we had come in the first place).

Sean liked best the planet exhibits. There's a spinable Neptune and a spinable Jupiter that make interesting vortex patterns. He loved those. He also enjoyed going into and out of the Mars exhibit through the orange plastic strips. Ian liked the moon landing stuff the best. They have various simulators and replicas from the moon landings.

I liked the Chinese exhibit that goes with the Sky Dragons movie but we didn't stay in that exhibit very long because Sean was getting tired, hungry and cranky. We can go back to see this exhibit another day when Sean is better rested.

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