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Comments for Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader: 11/29/04

Yesterday, I took Sean to the park at Winton and Cathy -- at least I think Cathy is the cross street. Anyway, we spent 90 minutes there. Even though the wind was blowing fiercely and the temperature was dropping to the low 40s Sean had a great time running around. What I didn't realize until later is that he's come down with a cold. I thought at the time that the runny nose was from the wind because my nose was running for that reason.

Anyway, Sean spent about half the time there playing with a girl who must be about six. She would do something and then he would try to do the same thing. Except for a few climbing or swinging moves that require longer arms than Sean currently has he was able to keep up with her. She taught him a few things too, like climbing those curved ladders and climbing up the slides backwards.

Happy Birthday Mom!

So it's my mother's birthday. I've already had a nice chat with her on the phone. I also have a nice gift which I had hoped to have to give to her last Friday but it hadn't arrived yet. I'll save it and give to her at Christmas.

I've always been fascinated by her birth date. Her birthday can never fall on Thanksgiving. The closest it can come is the Friday after the holiday.

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