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Comments for Oh Crap

Oh Crap: 11/3/04

George "Warmonger" Bush has won a second term. I am eagerly awaiting 2008 when he will be a lame duck. Thank goodness for term limits.

In Happier News:

NaNoWriMo is going well. After two days I'm still on schedule with almost 3,300 words written. Last night my main character (or MC as the NaNoWriMo calls it) made his first drive down to his soon to be love interest's B&B but so far nothing supernatural has happened. That fun stuff starts in tonight's writing marathon.


I know Halloween is over but last night Sean told me that he had a fun Halloween this year. He enjoyed the party at day care and enjoyed the decorating that we did at home. I didn't even know he was paying that much attention to the holiday. Now tha t I know that he's into these things this year, I'm starting to get him jazzed up for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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