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Comments for Past the Halfway Point

Past the Halfway Point: 11/17/04

The NaNoWriMo novel is going well. What had started out as a simplistic dog walker falls in love with werewolf story has turned into a detective story. A minor character has risen to the top of the play list and is vying for main character status. I guess now I have three main characters: the dog walker, the werewolf and the detective. I'm averaging about two thousand words per day so I'll probably make the 50,000 milestone a little early. Even with taking Thanksgiving day off which I probably will have to because we'll be driving all day I can still finish by Sunday night (November 28th) or reach 53K by November 30th.

Hello Moon:

Right now we can see the moon over the mountains as we head home from day care. Sean's day care is in a rather mountainous bit of the peninsula so the moon plays peek-a-boo behind the hills and trees. Every time it pops into view Sean lets me know. "I see the moon, Mama. Good moon. Pretty moon. Moon, Mama."

Pictures of Sean:

Last week a photographer took class photographs of all the kids at day care. I got Sean's CD last night but haven't looked at it yet, save for the lovely but moody photo on the CD cover. He looks so old in the photograph, a glimpse of what he may look like in a few years.

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