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Comments for Beautiful Day on the Peninsula

Beautiful Day on the Peninsula: 11/20/04

We decided to take Sean to a park so he could swing and slide all that. Our neighborhood park upgrade is coming along nicely but it's still not open yet. At least it's clear now that it will be a playground again when HARD is done. Since the weather was so perfect, we opted for a drive to the peninsula.

We took highway 92 all the way to the end and had a leisurely drive through Half Moon Bay. We were looking for the Half Moon Bay post office but didn't find it. As it was a Saturday I had quite a few BookCrossing packages to mail on to other readers. We eventually stopped at the Moss Beach post office, the tiniest post office with a service window I've been to. I think the man who helped me mail my packages and sold me the roll of stamps was probably the post master. The equipment at this post office is vintage late 1980s and can't tell one the different prices by different rates. Nonetheless, I was able to mail my packages and we were on our way. I hope the BookCrossers get a kick out of the post mark.

We finally ended up at the Daly City library and play ground. Sean had a lovely time climbing, sliding and swinging. We must have been there for an hour. We have to go back before Christmas because Ian checked out a couple of books.

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