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Comments for Owls Today

Really Rest at Home: 11/14/04

Today Sean didn't want to go out. He's still coldy and I think still tired from yesterday's missing nap. We stayed home and watched (2 times) Finding Nemo. He's gotten interested in the film from the Splashy Songs Book.

Lots of Movies:

Over the weekend we rented a bunch of fun movies. The first one we saw was League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the graphic novel I'm also reading). Anyone who watches the DVD should watch the special features. The film is a wonderful old school treat that uses blue screen, models, scale filming, costuming and other camera tricks where most films today use CGI to create a believable (if exaggerated and somewhat silly) alternative sci-fi Victorian world of 1899.

We also finally finished watching Shrek 2 after our disasterous summer date when the movie theater's basement flooded twenty minutes into the film and had to be evacuated. Shrek 2 is as good a story as the original Shrek, though I would argue that Shrek 1 is slightly tighter a plot. I honestly would have preferred if Fiona had been an Ogre transformed into a Human rather than the other way around. Certainly the first movie leans in that direction. Puss in Boots steals the show. I've read that Shrek 3 has been announced. I hope they get Antonio Banderas back to revoice Puss in Boots. Technically the sequel is leaps ahead of the original and yet is stylisticly similar enough to the original to not be distracting to fans of the original. The old one still holds up even when being watched back to back with the sequel.

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