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Comments for Word Freak

Word Freak: 11/4/04

I'm doing my best to read Word Freak, having heard great things about this memoir of the Scrabble championships but so far I just can't get past my dislike of the narrator. He interupts the flow of the book to either brag about his education (he has a degree in journalism) and yet he revels in his ignorance of words when the other better Scrabble players most often not only know if a set of tiles makes a word but what that word means. The author seems satisfied with only memorizing the words minus the definition because if the word were important he'd already know it. He does after all have a journalism degree. I passionately hate that line of reasoning.

A Little Behind:

I'm about nine hundred words behind schedule. I should be at 5,000 words in my NaNoWriMo project but I just ran out of steam last night. It was 11:30 and I was both tired and irritated with writing (because I was tired). I'm hoping to make up the difference tonight. I certainly don't want to fall any further behind.

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