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Comments for Birthday Again

Birthday Again: 12/17/04

No — not mine. It's my step-father's birthday today. He's spending a leisurely day home decorating the Christmas tree. He is the "Mr. Christmas" of our family. It's appropriate for his birthday to come a week before Christmas Eve (and makes both easy to remember).

"Hurricane" in France Kills Five:

I heard on BBC4 that a freak storm is rampaging through France, having killed five people in Paris. The newly opened ice rink a top the Eiffel Tower is currently closed. I'm doing my best to not imagine people being blown off the tower like seeds from a dandelion.

Dodgy Real Player:

I love listening to BBC4 and KQED online. Both use real player. OK, for KQED I have two other options but real player, when it works, has the best audio quality of the three streams. What pisses me off is Real Player's titchiness. It seems to be overly sensitive to internet traffic. Any little excuse, hiccup, what have you and the damn thing will stop playing and throw up an error message with of course the ubiquitous "OK" button which I then have to click before I can get the stream to load again. I'm sick to death of that stupid "OK" button. Grrr!

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