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Comments for Strange Dream

Chickens at Midnight: 12/15/04

Sean last night had a series of bad dreams. Ian eventually took Sean upstairs to the living room to see if he could get him calmed down enough for bed. This was at midnight. Sean woke up when upstairs and in a sleepy voice asked: "Chickens?" which was his way of asking to watch Chicken Run. He watched the opening credits and then was ready for bed. Thankfully he slept through the rest of the night.

Music Sponge:

Sean is adding to his list of songs. Last night I heard him trying to sing some songs from Gay Purr-ee which he's only heard a half dozen times. As with all his attempts, the melody is very recognizable and the words are not quite there. I think that's mostly a lack of vocabulary on his part. I'm really impressed. He has his father's talent for music.

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