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Comments for I Miss My Commuter Buddy

I Miss my Commuter Buddy: 12/21/04

With Sean home on vacation my commutes, while faster are sadly quiet. I miss his singing and chatting. I miss hearing him point out all the things he recognizes: water, sun, moon, various letters and numbers, trucks, churches, castles (any tall building), dogs, reindeer, horses, etc. I miss seeing his tawny head in the lower corner of my rear view mirror.

Harry Potter

For those of you interested in reading book six, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the release date has been announced for July 16, 2005. I know my husband will want to read the book. I suppose one of these days I should finish book five. I've left Mr. Weasely in hospital since June of 2003. My bookcrossing book rings and rays have just been more interesting to read.

Last night we rented Prisoner of Azkaban and enjoyed it. We especially enjoyed the incidental music. It fit the school and the location better. The special effects were quite good and while the plot was highly abridged, the key points were there. The film though suffers from what all the Harry Potter films do (as do many adaptations from books) and that is the pacing. Everything seems so rushed. There are so few moments (save for maybe the establishing shots of the Whomping Willow) of just reflection. The Harry Potter films desperately need some pillow shots to give the audience a breather between scenes.

Bourne Identity:

Another book to film adaptation that we finished watching last night was the Bourne Identity. While I have not read the book (I'm on the book ring but it hasn't arrived yet), I could see the same pacing problems as the Harry Potter films though not as much. As the catch to this story is Bourne's amnesia and shock at his assassins skills, there are plenty of moments where the film lets Bourne wander through his world to absorb information or seek hidden memories.

Body Still Not Identified:

The body found in the Pend Oreille River hasn't been identified yet. Dental records from the families of the various missing men in the area are being examined.

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