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Comments for Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection: 12/16/04

Sean and I had a wonderful morning commute, jiving across the San Mateo Bridge to a funky cover of "The Rainbow Connection" by a band called the Dead Hensons. I wish they had an album for sale as they specialize in covers of muppet tunes. In the meantime, I'll just put the Muppet Movie on my wish list.

Sing Along:

Last night Sean and Ian had fun singing Christmas Carols together. I had no idea how many of them he now knows. It was so fun listening to the two of them sing together.

Mojo 3.0 Pro:

My copy of MojoWorld Pro arrived last night and I've installed it on my lap top. I'll later install it on my cube for larger renders but I just had to try it out last night. The folks at Pandromeda have outdone themselves. While I haven't even scratched the surface of all the new features, I have seen marked improvement in performance in onscreen OpenGL rendering and final image rendering. Even on my little iBook laptop MojoWorld 3.0 flies!

There are some known OpenGL related bugs with MojoTree which I think I stumbled upon last night. Pandromeda is aware of the problem. They have a great track record of bug fixing and releasing patches so I'm not concerned by the bugs.

I'm looking forward to Christmas break to both catch up on my reading and to wrap my head around MojoWorld 3 Pro.

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