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Ready to Go Mobile: 12/1 8/04

Hello world from my ibook! Of course I could have been making updates via the terminal but let's face it, I'm lazy. I now have a happy copy of BBEdit installed on this machine. This means I'll be able to update my blog while on my Christmas and New Year's holiday — er — vacation. I've been spending a lot of time emailing with a pal in Wales so my California English has gone a bit Queen's English. Anyway, I'm pleased to have a copy of something that can FTP directly for me. Eventually I'd like to get Dreamweaver installed just for the added WYSIWYG goodness but this will do for now.


If you're a relative of mine, you've heard this one before but it's still funny and I've had three requests to put it on my blog. So here it is.

Last night as we were putting Sean to bed and he was doing his nightly reorganization of his stuffed animals (he has quite a zoo now), he saw that cow was not where he should be. Cow sort of had his head looking over the front edge of the bed. Sean said in a wonderful scolding tone of voice: "Cow! What are you doing?" Ian and I are still laughing about it.

The California Grizzly Pig

One of the local banks has a grizzly bear as its logo but to Sean it looks like a pig. Every time he sees the logo he starts oinking. So now Ian and I are imagining a new species of animal, the great California grizzly pig and its cousin to the north, the Alaskan brown pig. Oink.

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