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Comments for Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve: 12/24/04

Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating it. We had a strange drive down to visit Ian's parents on route to my parents. While traffic was light, people were driving stupid. I have to include ourselves in the set of stupid drivers as Ian and I were up late last night (this morning) playing Wind Waker.

The Army of the Twelve Sock Monkeys:

On the 580/205 junction traffic slowed suddenly. We were in the fast lane and ahead of me I saw cars quickly jumping to the slow lane. Then I saw why; there was a man running towards on coming traffic, madly picking up socks and other clothing. His suitcase had come off the roof of his car. His wayward case was the first of four suitcases we saw scattered along our seven hour drive.

Frosty Fog

For most of our drive we had fog. The fog started in Livermore and stopped in Gorman. It was a cold fog. It must have been in the high thirties or low forties when I was pumping gas just south of Los Banos. Later around Harris Ranch I saw frost on the hills and it was three in the afternoon! I know that's nothing compared to the ice storms back east but it was still unusual.

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