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Comments for Phantom of the Birthday Party

Phantom of the Birthday Party: 12/27/04

Ian and I left Sean with my mother for an adult's night out. It was my best friend's birthday. We had dinner with her, her sister and her parents at the Old Spaghetti Factory in the Gas Lamp District. The last time (and only time) I had been to an O.D.F. was in 1991. We had taken one last family summer vacation before I left for college. On our first night out we had stopped in Sacramento and eaten at the O.D.F. that was there (built in an old trolley roundhouse).

Anyway, last night we had a lovely meal with enough time to reminisce about things. Ian mostly talked with my friend's parents — a chance to talk shop. Meanwhile, my best friend, her sister and I caught up on a year's worth of news and we laughed over silly Christmases past.

Afterwards we walked to the Pacific Theaters to see Phantom of the Opera. Ian enjoyed the film but had numerous nits to pick with songs that were edited and the Phantom's performance. I found the pacing off and the style inconsistent. The film dragged from the point where the Phantom first takes Christine into the sewers. I prefer the 1925 silent film and the book to any of the musical versions.

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