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Comments for Good Job Mama!

Good Job Mama! 01/18/05

That's what Sean told me this morning on our drive to San Carlos. I had just finished singing the Alphabet song and must have done it the way he's learned it. It was really cute and heart warming to here him giving me kudos in the same enthusiastic voice that I use to compliment him.

A Good Time Travel Movie:
While ranting yesterday about Full Throttle, I forgot to mention a much better film we recently watched — Tenchi Muyo! In Love. While it has the usual silliness of the Tenchi series, there's also a solid time travel story woven into the film. I wasn't expecting to enjoy the film as much as I did since I find the Tenchi series fairly hit or miss. In this case I was presently surprised. All the pieces fit together and the story demonstrates nicely how and why Tenchi's parents fell in love.

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