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Comments for Where Are My Keys

Where are my Keys? 01/17/05

The last time I remember having my keys was in the car in the Penny's parking lot while Ian picked up our curtains and I read Sorcery & Cecilia while Sean napped in the backseat. I had them in the pocket of my orange fuzzy cardigan but today the keys are not there, nor are they in my purse. I am currently borrowing Ian's key to my car and he and Sean promise to be home when I get home.

Bad Film:

Last night Ian and I did something we almost never do. We shut off a film we had rented. In this case it was Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Where we had completely enjoyed the first installment this one seemed completely split brained. It had some funny moments, like the CSI parody but there were too many gratuitous and poorly executed CGI and blue screen scenes.

When it came to the dirt bike race, we stopped. There were so many things wrong with it. First of all, it completely stopped the plot just for a long, noisy, and stupid looking dirt bike race. The worst part, besides it being to long, was the obvious use of blue screens for the close ups of the three stars. The blue screen shots backgrounds were shot at clearly a different time of day. So whenever the film cut to a close up the sky changed color and the shadows moved!

We shut the film off in the middle of the dirt bike race and cleansed our pallets with the lightcycle race from Tron.

An Update on my Keys:

Ian just called to remind me that I had used my keys to open the fire safe on Saturday night. He's absolutely right. So my keys have to be on the dining room table! And they were!

I am a Little Tea Pot:

A man is moving from one of the apartments on my walking route. He had a teapot out by the dumpster but he clearly didn't want to throw it away because it's not broken. He saw me eyeing it — I have a fondness of teapots — and he offered for me. I said yes. So now I have a little brown tea pot glazed with an orange flower sitting on my desk at work. The tea pot appears to be circa late 1960s or early 1970s but doesn't contain any obvious marks from whomever made it.

My Phone Has Out Lasted my Provider:

I've had the same cell phone since 2000. Back then the provider was CellularOne and my phone reminds me of that every time I turn it on. Then for a few years it was AT&T Wireless. Now my phone's service is finally reflecting the recent merger with Cingular. I wonder how many more changes of provider my little phone will see?

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