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Comments for Spinach and Lima Beans

Spinach and Lima Beans: 01/29/05

Sean is a very adventerous eater at day care but at home he's gotten rather set in his way and it doesn't include vegetables. We know he likes vegetables. He did as a baby and he still does at day care but at home he's decided he'd much rather live on dairy and carbohydrates only.

Last night we made spinach with dinner. Sean does actually love spinach. We've seen him wolf it down numerous times so we were hopeful. Sean however wasn't having any of it. Thus began a two hour back and forth argument between Sean and Ian over the spinach with Sean spending much of the time in his room pouting on his bed.

Eventually at eight o'clock at night I calmed Sean down enough to ask him nicely if he'd do me a favor and eat a bite of spinach. He did! And of course he then remembered that he actually does like spinach.

That brings us to tonight's dinner when the vegetables in question were lima beans. Tonight though I was cast as the "bad cop" and it was up to Ian to convince Sean to eat the lima beans. Thankfully tonight it didn't take two hours to accomplish this task!

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