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Comments for Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy: 03/20/05

Today is Ian's birthday and we celebrated with a romantic dinner at Shiro's while his parents babysat Sean for us. Ian had the salmon on potato pancake for his appetizer and Mexican shrimp for the entre. I had the Dunginess crab salad on cucumber noodles and the Sonoma duck in orange and ginger sauce. For dessert we had wonderful chocolate mousse cake with coffee ice cream and some of the best coffee we've ever drunk.

While the dinner wasn't that long (we were only gone for an hour and a half) it felt much longer. It was nice to reminisice about of fourteen years together. It was also nice to have adult talk (even though we enjoy Sean's company).

When we got home Sean was still awake and ready for a bath. It was the best of both worlds — a romantic dinner with my husband — and the nightly bedtime ritual with our son.


After Sean went to bed we watched Deadwood on HBO, a show we would otherwise not watch as we don't have cable. I enjoyed the episode we saw because it did provide a more well rounded representation of what a frontier town was like but it still has some problems. The first thing I noticed was the awkward pacing of the dialogue. Granted, language changes over time and some bits of American English were more formal than today but Deadwood makes the mistake of over playing these differences and either the director is forcing the actors to slow down or they are having trouble wrapping their tongues around the dialogue. Then these slow bits are completely shot to bits by long strings of swearing. Fuck seems to be the word of choice and the actors have no trouble with that word. I was getting whiplash from the starts and stops in the dialogue.


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