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Comments for Duck Soup

Drive-Drive: 03/19/05

We took longer getting out the door for our drive down to South Pasadena than we had wanted. By the time we were done with breakfast, it was nearly noon! Fortunately traffic was light and other than one stop for gas and one stop for a bathroom break near the end of the trip we didn't need to stop. We ended up making up our lost time and arrived just past five! We were all exhausted and it felt more like we had flown cross country than driven down the state. But it was great to see Ian's parents again and Sean was thrilled to see his grandparents after two weeks of counting down to today.

Duck Soup:

"Take two turkeys, one goose, four cabbages, but no duck, and mix them together. After one taste, you'll duck soup for the rest of your life." Or take four fried people, one stinky dog and a DVD player. We watched Duck Soup after Sean went to bed. While I'm not sure if I've seen the film in its short entirety before I've seen every single gag from it. It certainly inspired a lot of other comedians, filmmakers and animators over the years.


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