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Comments for Strange Epic Dream

Strange Epic Dream: 03/04/05

I was at a huge Shinto temple in northern Japan. I was about to cross the bridge over a river to the main temple that was built into the mountainside next to the river when I saw two other Caucasians whom I instantly recognized as Idun (Goddess of Immortality) and Thor (God of Thunder). They held a spherical Chinese puzzle box which contained the imprissioned Loki.

I stole the Loki-ball from them in hopes of letting Loki out and ran into the temple. I ran through the temple and down through five floors until I cam to the bottom of the temple. I ran through a connecting hallway to a guest services building. It contained two restaurants, an American style Japanese restaurant (with booths to sit in and California rolls on the menu) and a Japanese restaurant (sort of a noodle bar / sushi bar). I tried to hide in the sushi bar but the two gods found me. Their eyes were red with anger, resembling those of a wolf.

Thor wanted to take his revenge on me there but Idun held his arm back, forcing him to lower his hammer. She told me there was no where I could run and I should give them pack the Loki-ball. I did.

They took my hands and then we were in a small North Dakota town to return the Loki-ball to the Mayor. Since when do Norse gods live in North Dakota? And what were they doing in Japan?

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