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Comments for The Lady or the Tiger

The Lady or the Tiger: 03/11/05

Sean was beset with the toddler version of the lady or tiger at preschool. Normally on Fridays he goes in via the house's front door as he's the only one to attend but today one of the other boys was also there which meant that the daycare door was open! He had already gotten himself geared up for the front door and was now faced with two options: front door (as it was Friday) or regular door (because preschool was officially open).

Now in the Lady or the Tiger story, it's never stated which door the protagonist takes. I can now tell you how it really ends. The brave hero, so throughly annoyed by the option of two doors and the complete unfairness of it all, throws himself down on the ground in front of both of them and starts crying. At least, that's what Sean did. I then carried him through the "regular" door and left him to finish his tantrum. We didn't see any tigers.

The Owl and the Pussy Cat:

I just realized that I'm wearing a bit of fashion poetry today quite by accident. I'm wearing my favorite pussy cat shirt (nine white cats in a three by three grid) and my owl socks.

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