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Comments for To the Park

To the Park: 03/21/05

As promised, I took Sean to Garfield Park today. But first we had to go the post office. Sean was as patient as could be expected while I mailed off my packages but he was still pretty squirrelly. On our way to the park he reminded me though that he had been helpful for being so patient.

A few minutes at the park Ian and Derrick arrived from their errands. We stayed at the park for about an hour while Sean played. He especially enjoyed a closed tube slide. Derrick knocked on it a couple times. The first time Sean said, "Ding Dong!" and the second, "I am not here!" That response made us laugh.

After the park we had lunch at Carrow's. Sean was great. After lunch Derrick, bemused by Sean's interest in numbers, asked him what his favorite number is. At the time Sean was looking at the "open 24 hours" sign and immediately responded, "Twenty-four!"

A Day at the Races:

We watched another Marx brother's film, A Day at the Races. While the film has many wonderful gags the best part is the dance sequence done by the Crinoline Choir and a crowd of incredibly tallented dancers who do a jump jive dance number a good decade ahead of popular culture.


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