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Comments for Secret Window

Secret Window: 03/28/05

Last night Ian and I watched Secret Window, based on the Stephen King story, "Secret Window, Secret Garden." Five minutes into the film, I had clicked with what was going on and without thinking about it, blurted out exactly what was happening. Fortunately my dear husband doesn't mind when I spoiled the plot and we both enjoyed the film. Johnny Depp was wonderful as Mort as he is in most every role. The film goes for Hitchockian suspense rather than the more traditional Kingsian horror to tell the story but Mort is still the classic broken King hero.

New School:

Sean started his new school today. Ian took him but from what he emailed me, it sounded like Sean had no trouble fitting in. He was especially enamored of the various musical instruments (no surprises there) and relieved to see that every day would be a "regular door" day (meaning, going into school via a back gate). I'll be picking him up after work so I'm sure I'll get a more thorough report of the first day then.


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