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Comments for What Time is It?

What Time is it? 03/03/05

My grandfather gave Sean a nice check along with his card for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately at the time we were all sick with the flu. Over the last weekend Ian and Sean had found a nice poster of the moon but we still had some money left over. I've been trying to decide what to get Sean and yesterday I found the perfect gift — a talking and singing owl clock!

The owl sits where a cuckoo would normally sit on a clock and it tells the time to whatever it's set. Then when the clock plays music, the owl's beak lights up. For older children there's also a quiz mode where one sets the time to whatever the owl asks for.

When I unpacked the clock yesterday Sean absolutely lit up. He looked liked he had won the lottery. He very quickly figured out how to set it to 8 o'clock and he won't let Ian or me play with it. "No; MY owl clock!" So it's definitely a hit.

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